How to Create an Efficient European Laundry

An excellent space-saving solution, European laundries (or hidden laundries) are ideal for smaller homes, apartments and townhouses as they don’t take up an entire room, they simply tuck away inside a cupboard, hidden behind bi-folds or sliding doors that disappear... Read More

The Different Types of Shower Screens You Should Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation

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Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Bathroom

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How to Prepare for a Bathroom Renovation

Whether it’s a simple facelift or a full bathroom remodel, bathroom renovations have the potential to become stressful and expensive if you aren’t prepared. Unlike many other rooms of the house, bathrooms and wet areas require more than paint and... Read More

How to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

For people living with a disability or being reliant on a wheelchair, life can be challenging and simple everyday tasks we all take for granted, such as taking a shower, can be incredibly difficult. Disability inclusive bathrooms are not only... Read More