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  • Use Perth’s Bathroom Products to get a Modern Touch in your Bathroom

    Twenty Years have somehow gone by and your fixtures have become outdated. You realise it’s time to freshen up your bathroom. But where do you start? Showrooms can often be overwhelming with too much selection and pressure to decide. That’s why we provide our customers with an online plumbing store where you can view our selection in the comfort of your own home. Click on our online website to make your bathroom accessory purchase easy.

    Enhance the efficiency of your bathroom fixtures

    Over the years you’ll not only find the styles change but your taps can also become less efficient due to general wear and tear. The chances of finding the same design are impossible. So instead of spending and exorbitant amount of money for a plumber to repair one leaky tap, why not make the most of this cost and have them replace all of your taps to brighten up your dated room. Sometimes this is all that’s required to bring a bathroom back to life.

    The ultimate and safe solution to get rid of persisting plumbing issues in the bathroom is to get new plumbing fixtures from one of our acclaimed plumbing showrooms. With two locations available we can provide assistance with your choice of plumbing supplies. You have the expert staff of our budget bathroom Perth showrooms available to help guide you with your selection.

    A chance to explore your options

    We have an extensive range of bathroom plumbing accessories and supplies to cater for your needs. With an easy to use website you can begin your shopping right in your own home. And when you’re ready, why not drop into one of our showrooms located in either Bibra Lake or Belmont to go over your design choice to ensure your selection will work within your home.

    Dedicated customer service

    Being family owned and run, we know that customer service and knowledge is the key to running a successful business. Our staff at Perth plumbing supplies are always available to clear up any queries that you may have regarding your order or product purchases. All of our products are the best quality brands without the high price tag and available to you at an affordable price.

  • Get Budget Bathrooms from your Perth Suppliers to enjoy the Luxury of your Bathroom

    Have you seen stylish bathroom accessories on TV or on displays and you now want to get that same look in your own home? Well the good news is you don’t have to shop around to get that fresh stylish look. Buy the best quality bathroom products easily from one of our two showrooms or online from our website.

    Invest in high-quality plumbing supplies

    Old designed bathroom accessories will always make your bathroom look old and drab and often appear dirty looking. The same way you would decorate living rooms or bedrooms in your home you should also devote some time in decorating your bathroom too. Often paint can peel away, vanities can become mouldy and warped and tapware chipped. By installing innovative designed products you will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. As you browse through our plumbing store whether that be in person or online, you will find there will always be certain styles that catch your attention. Why settle on these older styles dragging your room down. Why not put this style into your home to give it your own personality. Our “budget bathrooms Perth” supplies will make your bathroom look spectacular. Our bathroom products are designed to the latest trend all at a low price. We also supply products for the kitchen and laundry room.

    Get an incredible variety of bathroom plumbing accessories

    Take a look at the wide range of bathroom products that will create pure elegance to your bathroom. Toilet roll holders, single towel rails, glass shelves, towel racks, corner baths, claw foot baths, close coupled toilet suites, shower units, shower sets, toilet brush holders, robe hooks, towel rings are just a few to mention. We have so much more on offer.

    Get all your plumbing products under one roof

    Whether you’re shopping for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry we have it all her under the one roof. There is no need to look any further. We provide the lowest prices for the highest level of quality all while providing you with friendly helpful advice. We have two convenient locations or our easy to use website all available for you to view and purchase from as well as our own fleet of trucks to deliver right to your door.

    Helpful assistance from our staff

    Whether you’re renovating or building our plumbing supplies Perth will prove to be helpful and useful to you. Our friendly staff will assist you with selecting the most effective type of plumbing products you’ll need all at a low budget price.

  • Elevate the Splendor of your Bathroom with Perth’s Budget Bathrooms Suppliers

    Style up your bathroom

    Who doesn’t want a fresh look? Be it your clothes, haircut, or your home, we all like everything to look stylish. When you style up your home, do you style up your bathroom?There are many homeowners who don’t pay attention to decorating their bathroom. You too might think what is the need of styling your bathroom and how would you do it? You use your bathroom numerous times in one day. Whether it’s washing your face, your hands or having a shower, your bathroom is the most used room in the house. So why not make this the freshest looking room in your house? Have you ever thought of re-decorating your bathroom with updated plumbing accessories that are especially suited to your style and your bathroom? Plumbing accessories cannot only uplift your bathroom but they can also make your bathroom routine more enjoyable. Our plumbing products will make your bathroom sparkle with new accessories making it feel fresher and cleaner.

    A note about our plumbing centre

    Our first plumbing store was established in the year 2000 in Bibra Lake and through such huge popularity among the community we decided to open a second store in Belmont in 2005. We pride ourselves on supplying a wide variety of plumbing products for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Whether you’re renovating or building you can be sure that we have the necessary products to help finish off your home with that touch of class.We supply products of the highest quality all at a low affordable price so you don’t break your budget.

    Find all you need right here

    Whether you’re looking for a claw foot bath or shower unit there is no need to look anywhere else. Just take a look on our website to select your plumbing products for your bathroom from our easy to use online store. Products can easily be purchased online or from one of our showrooms from our friendly staff. So, what do we supply? We have mirrored wall cabinets, shower units, shower sets, toilet roll holders, towel racks, robe hooks, single and double towel rails, soap dishes, glass shelves, claw foot baths, close coupled toilet suites and so much more.

    Get large quantities delivered

    We have our own fleet of trucks available to ensure safe delivery of your products to your door. At just a small delivery fee we can deliver your products big or small to your preferred destination. We specialize in friendly and experienced staff that will be able to provide you with the best guidance in designing your bathroom.

  • Buy Perth’s Superior Bathroom Products at a Low Price – Budget Plumbing Centre

    Get the latest designed bathroom products right at your doorstep

    The most used and important part of a home is your bathroom. This is also the room which requires the most maintenance and can easily become old and drab when your old accessories and fittings become tarnished, chipped or stained. Well the ultimate solution to make your entire bathroom troubles disappear is a new bathroom renovation with the help of budget Plumbing Centre. Our newly designed bathroom products are available to you all at a very affordable price. Our “bathroom products Perth” will not only fit into your budget, but also provide you with long lasting service. All you have to do is view our products available online in the comfort of your own home. Ordering your products can easily be done from our website online, over the phone or in person at one of our showrooms with delivery available straight to your door within a few days of ordering.

    Get eye-catching bathroom products

    Are you looking for stylish mixers or ceiling showers? Our website showcases the latest designs available on today’s market. Our online bathroom catalogue displays shower units, shower heads, shower bases, shower sets, basin sets, basin mixers, bar sinks, bath mixers, toilet suites, corner baths, heated towel ladders, tumbler holders and so much more.

    Know about our trusted plumbing centre

    Our first store in Bibra Lake opened in the year 2000 and with such tremendous success we were motivated to open a second branch in Belmont. Our prime motto has always been to cater supreme quality plumbing products at a low affordable price. Our plumbing accessories are used by homeowners as well as commercial builders. Whether it is an office or a building, we have our own fleet of trucks that can deliver a large number of plumbing accessories for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry to your preferred destination.

    Enjoy our bathroom products at a low cost

    No matter which online Budget Plumbing “bathroom supplies Perth” you select from, you can be assured that you will purchasing them at an absolutely low price. Our experienced team will help you choose the right bathroom accessories without breaking the budget. In just a matter of a few days, your plumbing products can be delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Match your Bathroom’s Decor by having Superior Plumbing Supplies Perth

    Modernize your bathroom with superior plumbing supplies

    When we talk of modernizing a bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you must renovate your bathroom by breaking your bank. There are several things which we use in a bathroom such as towel racks, bath tub, shower base, glass shelves, bath screens and many other items which not only accessorize our bathroom, but they are equally important for our daily use. Bathroom accessories which you have been using every day get worn out. Quite often people think that they’ll have to renovate their bathroom all over again when the bathroom accessories don’t function properly. Bathroom’s are a place where you refresh every morning. It’s a place of rejuvenating yourself. You can modernize your bathroom by replacing the bathroom accessories with new ones. Get top quality shower baths Perth along with other bathroom accessories from our online plumbing store. Our shower baths and plumbing accessories will convert your ordinary bathroom into a signature bathroom.

    A note about us

    We have two showroom locations situated in Belmont and Bibra Lake supplying a huge range of popular branded accessories and fittings for bathrooms, laundry’s and kitchen’s. We opened our Bibra Lake store in the year 2000and with such positive feedback and demand from our clients we opened our 2nd branch in Belmont in the year 2005.We supply supreme level of plumbing products ensuring a hassle-free service to our clients as well as providing good old-fashioned service with trained professionals always on hand to assist you with making your purchase.

    Get what you need at your fingertips

    Before you head to our showrooms, you can browse through our catalogues on our online store. To name a few of our items we offer free standing vanity units, hand held showers, heated towel ladders, non-heated towel ladders, shower bases, shower screens, shower sets, shower units, toilet brush holders, ceiling showers, basin mixers, claw foot baths, coupled toilet suites, in wall toilet suites, corner baths are all available at your fingertip

    Get plumbing supplies within your arm’s reach

    We pride ourselves on our product quality and customer service offering all our customers any assistance when required. Our online plumbing store is available where you can get plumbing supplies Perth right from the comfort of your home or office. We also offer prompt delivery service for a small fee. Click on the products you want and follow the payment procedure mentioned in our online store. Within a few days, you could see your ordered products delivered right to your door.