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  • Create a Stunning Bathroom with our Designer Bathroom Products Perth

    Renovations don’t need to be about demolishing your whole bathroom. When your tiles are in good condition all that is needed is beautiful new plumbing fittings. Call us now to find out about our latest specials.

    Get the perfect items from our plumbing selection

    We believe the most important and used room in the home is the bathroom so it makes sense to choose quality products that last. By choosing the right style of plumbing products, you can change the overall look without having the mess and dust throughout your whole home.Renovating any room in your home is always a daunting task which is why we showcase a range of quality bathroom products Perth on our easy to use website. We sell only the best brands available on the market so you can be comfortable knowing you’ll be installing durable bathroom products all at a low affordable price.

    Get your bathroom sorted

    Shopping has never been easier. With the help of our online plumbing centre you can access our plumbing store at any time of the day. And with our friendly staff available at our Bibra Lake or Belmont showroom, renovating your bathroom, kitchen or laundry has never been so simple. Our staff is always ready and willing to assist you in any way possible.

    The best in the West

    With access to all of the major brands available on today’s market you will find there’s no need to shop anywhere else. We showcase a range of plumbing products for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry with an even wider selection available to be purchased from us and sent directly from one of our many warehouses around Australia. If there is something we don’t showcase, just ask one of our staff and we can easily quote you your low price. We not only supply the most competitive prices on the market but we also provide good old fashioned service. Being a family owned and run business we put our customer’s needs first. We pride ourselves on being the best in the West. Come down to one our large showrooms today!

    Get the best brands without blowing the budget

    Our bathroom supplies Perth showcase a range of fittings for any budget. If you’re the more conservative shopper and not chasing the latest designs then we also have a range of styles to suit you. It’s easy to get lost in the moment when designing your rooms. We are here to keep you in check and help you deign the perfect room to suit your home and needs. We supply only the best quality products whilst still keeping you within your desired budget.

  • Make your Bathroom an oasis of Relaxation using the Best Bathroom Supplies Perth

    Convert your bathroom into a place of luxury

    Are you tired of dripping tapware, a mouldy vanity and tarnished accessories? Then it’s time to get creative and design your bathroom using the latest styles available on the market. From tranquil freestanding baths to beautiful rose gold accessories, we stock and supply the latest plumbing trends all at an affordable price. We also understand that time is of the essence which is why we have a range of easy to clean showers, toilets, vanities and baths so you can spend more time doing the things you love and enjoy and less time maintaining a clean bathroom. We have two large showrooms which showcase a range of items all suitable for your oasis creation. Our store of plumbing Bibra Lake is located at 6 Port Kembla Drive, Bibra Lake and the other at 164 Abernethy Road, Belmont. Both situated in the business districts with an ample amount of parking.

    Extensive selection of plumbing supplies to choose from

    Now is the time to revitalize your bathroom by adding new designer plumbing accessories. Choose your plumbing products carefully and wisely with the help of our experienced staff to avoid any unnecessary costs down the track. Being a family owned and run business we go the extra mile to ensure all of our customers are receiving the best customer service. We sell only the highest quality products available on the market and guarantee the best prices in the West. Having been in the plumbing industry for 20 years we know what customers want and need and ensure only the best for all of our customers. We also showcase a number of products for your perusal on our website making designing your bathroom, kitchen or laundry so much easier in your own home.

    Get plumbing products of the latest trends

    We ensure our staff is always kept up to speed when it comes to the latest trends. The bathroom supplies Perth WA that we showcase are to suit not only your bathroom, but also your budget and guaranteed to last for many years to come.

  • Get Bathroom Supplies Perth to Enjoy with Quality Plumbing Accessories

    Revamp your bathroom with eye-catching plumbing accessories supplies

    When you settle down in your new place, you usually make sure that plumbing materials and fittings are of high quality and are installed properly. Your entire day can be ruined if the plumbing materials do not function the way they’re supposed to. You can’t deny that the good plumbing is so important to everyday life. In a bathroom, bath tub, sink, shower and toilet play a pivotal role and when you experience any problem with these plumbing fixtures your whole day comes to a standstill. This can happen when poor quality products are installed or simply just because things are old.You may notice from all the popular renovating shows appearing on today’s TV that modern designs of plumbing accessories not only appear to look amazing, but they also provide along-lasting service. You too can get eye-catching and durable plumbing fixtures and accessories from our Budget Plumbing Bibra Lake showroom. We have a wide variety of bathroom accessories and supplies displayed in our showroom in the Bibra Lake location. All our plumbing supplies are of the best in quality and appearance which will elevate your lifestyle and will also enable you to use your bathroom with comfort and ease.

    Know us before you call us

    We are Perth’s leading service provider of plumbing materials. We’ve been supplying plumbing accessories and other plumbing products for your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms since the year 2000. Our products have been appreciated all over Australia. Our first plumbing showroom opended in Bibra Lake and the second showroom followed in Belmont in the year 2005. We keep branded and authentic plumbing supplies in our plumbing stores and cater for our online customers also by providing an easy to use website. All our staff are professionally trained to ensure all our customers receive the most efficient help when making the right purchase for their needs.

    Shop modern accessories for your bathroom

    We have got bathroom accessories and plumbing supplies which would add a vibrant look to your bathroom. The plumbing materials and accessories we have for your bathroom are ceiling showers, close coupled toilet suites, free standing baths, glass shelves, soap dishes, toilet roll holders, towel racks, towel rings, bath mixers, corner baths, shower units, mirrored wall cabinets, claw foot baths, robe hooks, soap dispensers and many, many more in store.

    Get all necessary plumbing supplies under one roof

    By using our online store, you are just one click away from getting our plumbing supplies delivered which will uplift the appearance of your bathroom. We have plenty of bathroom accessories on show on our online store as well as in our showrooms. Our bathroom plumbing supplies Perth provide high-end luxury products to suit your needs.

  • Get high-end Plumbing Products from the Plumbing Centre Belmont Store

    Look no further when we are here:

    The plumbing stores of modern age are not just packed with plumbing materials, but also with trendy fashionable plumbing accessories. The simple and old fashioned tap is no longer used in the bathrooms in the present age. People like to add new things in their lifestyle. Time was when decorating your home was enough. Nowadays, the homeowners would like to go beyond it. People want their kitchen, bathroom and laundry places should be well updated with modern plumbing accessories. Finding out plumbing accessories is no big deal, as you have countless online plumbing shops which give you an easy access to see and buy whichever plumbing products you wish to purchase. While getting hands on plumbing accessories, you should know if the plumbing store is the right one for you. There are many plumbing shops which keep low-quality plumbing accessories, but derive unacceptable prices from customers. Protect yourself from unreliable plumbing stores and make purchase of all your plumbing accessories from our plumbing centre Belmont store. We are the trusted plumbing store in Australia. We deliver good quality plumbing products of all types at an affordable cost.

    Find all plumbing accessories right here:

    Meet your needs of your bathroom, laundry and kitchen with our plumbing accessories which have been showcased in our stores and in the online store as well. Choose your convenient mode of shopping and shop the best quality plumbing accessories which will provide utmost convenience in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry chores. You can purchase plumbing accessories such as bar sinks, basin sets, bath mixers, ceiling showers, corner baths, in wall toilet suites, kitchen mixers, laundry mixers, kitchen wall and hob sink sets, robe hooks, laundry tapware, washing machine stops and endless number of products.

    Easy plumbing maintenance tips:

    • Call for repair whenever the plumbing accessories and fixtures go out of service.
    • Keep an eye out for drippings, leaks and damps on the plumbing fixtures.
    • Use correct solutions and detergents for cleaning plumbing accessories.
    • Do not let the accessories get rusty.
    • Do not attempt plumbing problems by yourself. Ring up a plumber to fix plumbing glitches.
    • Renovations of plumbing accessories are essential to extend the longevity and use of the plumbing products.

    Get our products quickly and cost effectively:

    No matter how much amount of plumbing accessories you want, we can deliver as large number of plumbing products at your place. Our plumbing supplies Perth servicemen will deliver your products within a few hours. No additional money will be charged for delivering your products. Feel free to order the plumbing accessories from our online store. Also, you can get the products from our Belmont plumbing store and Bibra Lake plumbing store.

  • Contact the Best Plumbing Suppliers in Perth to get top Quality Plumbing Products

    Plumbing supplies for offices and residences:

    A home or a business operates best when the plumbing is working properly. When building a residence or an office zone, you want the best plumbing materials to ensure they are long lasting and there are no future concerns on paying extra unwanted costs. Whether it’s a construction of an office building or your own home you’ll find that there are a large number of plumbing products required. Buying plumbing supplies in such big quantities can be stressful and expensive often requiring you to sacrifice in quality. As a result, you are then left with unnecessary plumbing dramas. We at Budget Plumbing offer wholesale prices allowing you to install the best quality right from the start. Our website allows you to shop with ease in the comfort of your own. We provide the best designed and high-quality plumbing supplies for all your bathroom needs. With the click of a few buttons, your plumbing supplies can be delivered to your doorstep. Our plumbing products in Perth store are of extreme high-quality with very affordable prices.

    A renowned name in the plumbing industry:

    We have been in the plumbing business for almost 20 years and are proud to supply high-quality plumbing products for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry’s.

    A quick glance of our products:

    Throw away the old plumbing products and start using the latest kitchen mixers, kitchen wall and hob sink sets, kitchen sinks, rectangular baths, shower bases, toilet roll holders, vanity units and bathroom furniture, washing machine stops, wall spouts, bar sinks, drop in sinks, laundry tapware, laundry mixers, oval baths, wall shower, robe hooks, floor wastes, counter top filter systems and so on. Select the plumbing accessories you need for your bathroom, laundry and kitchen from our online store.

    Get plumbing supplies within your budget:

    Having trouble choosing plumbing products? Then let one of our professionals help you. Simply let us know what you need fitted in your home and we’ll happily provide you with any suggestions and advice which will help you make the right choice. We are renowned as one of the leading plumbing suppliers in Perth.